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We are RTM

Who we are and what we do is to a great extent shaped and driven by our members, our community. In addition to offering a challenging workout program, we believe it is equally important that everyone feels welcome and at home at RTM. No matter who you are, where you are from or what your level of fitness is, RTM is for everyone. Truly for everyone. This is reflected in our offerings, in the events and competitions we organize but also in our core values.

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We are professional. We put knowledge and skills to work, adding value to our athletes. We take them a step further. Deal is deal. We are representative and well organized in everything we do.

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At RTM, we take a personal approach. Everyone deserves the same attention, regardless of the level of the athlete. We know who our athletes are and what concerns them. We are genuinely interested, involved and approachable.

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The whole is more than the sum of its parts. At RTM, we believe in cohesion and synergy. Therefore, we look beyond our own area of expertise. By working with external partners, we offer a total product for a healthy lifestyle. This allows you to work on all facets of health at RTM.

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Continuous improvement

Standing still is going backwards. At RTM, we are continuously improving. This means that we regularly reflect, we proactively identify bottlenecks and possible improvements, and we keep up with developments in the sports world. We actively invest in our personal development and professional knowledge.

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If you really don’t like doing something, how long will you endure? Therefore, at RTM we believe that training should be fun, we convey our knowledge in a playful way, but are serious when it comes to progression and results. That way we offer our athletes the best hour of the day. Every single day.

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We currently have the following positions available in our team:

Medior CrossFit Coach (10 – 15 hour per week)

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