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2023 edition

We had a first, a blast and most definitely not a last!

On what is appears to be a normal Tuesday night in March, a touring car parked in front of the box to load our snow fanatics and their gear. Destination? Zell am Ziller in Austria.

At RTM our motto is ‘Life is a sport. Get fit’. So that means, we love to combine sports and fun together. Hence the idea of collecting a bunch of like-minded people and travel to the snowy mountains n Austria. Almost 30 members joined for our first RTM Snowcamp. With the option to travel full organized by bus, some opted to hop on the bus and wake up the next morning with a great view on the Austrian mountains. Others travelled by car of plane and some others made the most out of this epic trip by extending their stay.

WOD 26-02-12

‘Never-seen-snow-ers’ meet ‘did-a-few-runs-ers’, meet ‘we-go-few-times-per-season-ers’! Oh, and let’s not forget, everybody in between. All sharing the love for some new experiences, with great people and enjoying the good things in life.

What can we say if you were not there? You missed a great trip! Period. Can we ease this for you? Maybe, let’s try.

Don’t like snow and cold? Sure, we understand that. Especially if you refer to the Dutch wintertime. However, wintersport is such a different kind of cold. You may have heard this before, and it really is true. Let’s visualize this. Take a deep breath in through your nose. And breathe out through your mouth… Ready?

Step 1: Visualize the Alps covered in snow.
Step 2: Think about your buddies during a workout.
Step 3: Imagine all of us up there on the snowy mountains.
Step 4: Take it one step further and picture yourself on skis or snowboard riding down the slopes.
Step 5: Add delicious food and drinks to it.
Step 6: Let’s not forget the great vibe we know from our throwdowns or party.

Can you see it? Can you feel it? Yes?! Great! Because that is what it was like every day we spent in Austria.

WOD 26-02-12
WOD 26-02-12
WOD 26-02-12
WOD 26-02-12
WOD 26-02-12
WOD 26-02-12

Different villages connected to each other with to opportunity to explore a wide area. From one part to a trip to the other side of the area, each and every one with their own style and pace. Some under the guidance of an instructor in class, others riding together but meeting each other in central locations. What a treat to be outside and play around in the snow every day.

Being together with our RTM family was great. We had a blast. It was amazing, epic and we are still looking back with a huge grin on our faces. Thank you for making the first RTM Snowcamp amazing.

What can we say, other than, you had to be there?! Well, be there next year. Great news, we are going to organize another snowcamp next year.

Ready to join (again)? Stay tuned, subscribe yourself below and be the first to receive information about next year’s edition to secure your spot in time.

Our in-house photographer Adrienne made sure we have great pictures to spend our days counting down until next year’s winter season in style.

WOD 26-02-12

RTM Snowcamp

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