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RTM is the largest CrossFit-oriented gym in Rotterdam

Creating a healthy lifestyle with Crossfit

Working on your overall fitness

CrossFit in Rotterdam

In short, CrossFit stands for a method of fitness that combines weightlifting, endurance and gymnastics in one training form.

CrossFit in Rotterdam

Would you like to get acquainted with CrossFit or are you already experienced? At RTM Lifestyle Gym we are guaranteed to help you, whatever your training level. Whether it concerns improving your technique, your mobility or your fitness. The CrossFit classes in Rotterdam are both group and individual.

Why CrossFit in Rotterdam?

Initially a fairly simple answer: because it’s just fun! CrossFit brings together weightlifting, gymnastics (exercises without attributes) and endurance (endurance) in one workout. Another reason is because CrossFit, especially in Rotterdam, is accessible to everyone.

Time for results with CrossFit

Do you want to see your body change positively quickly? Then it is advisable to regularly do CrossFit in Rotterdam. Your body quickly tightens and your muscles become stronger. Where you have difficulty with an exercise one month, the next month you perform it laughing and almost whistling. So come and try it quickly and request a trial lesson!

Olympic Weightlifting

Will you come and join us sometime?

We cordially invite you to train with us during our CrossFit classes in Rotterdam. We also warn you in advance, because CrossFit is considered very addictive! Click on the button below to request a trial lesson.

CrossFit for every training level

CrossFit provides you with exercises that can always be adapted to your training level. Therefore, do not be afraid to take the first step or the next step. CrossFit workouts include varied functional movements (such as pushing, pulling, bending the knees, lifting and short runs) performed at high intensity. Everything is explosive, but at your own level. Ready? Request a free trial lesson!

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