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We chose CrossFit as the basis for our daily programming. With mindfulness, breathing sessions and yoga amongst others we also help you to stay mentally and emotionally fit.

And now we’re even going to take it a step further by bringing you a new concept: lifestyle coaching.

A PT concept which goes beyond only training in the gym. With lifestyle coaching we will also focus on your day-to-day routine, nutrition, sleep habits, stress management, mindfulness, a.o.

‘But what if I only want to focus on certain techniques, or create strength and/or stamina?’
No worries, you set the goal and we will help you get there.

After years of offering only group classes our members showed a growing need for more one-on-one coaching. Bringing together all the ingredients for a long-lasting improvement in your overall lifestyle resulted in the concept of lifestyle coaching.

Olympic Weightlifting

Personal training concept

The very basics of lifestyle coaching is focused on the physical body becoming stronger, fitter and faster (we are a gym after all). But as a lifestyle gym we think your wellbeing (from a holistic perspective) is equally important. To work on specific individual needs, personal training is the perfect concept to go for. Before you start we’ll do an intake to discuss your lifestyle and/or training goals.


Performance is for a great deal determined by your nutrition habits. We therefore offer nutrition coaching as an optional upgrade to your lifestyle coaching package.

Day-to-day routine

Ever thought of how your day-to-day routines and habits effect your training performance ánd overall wellbeing? Like your sleep pattern, how you deal with stress, what you do to relax and release, etc.

Read this blog showing you the perfect example of how improving patterns and behavior in your day-to-day routine can create a long-lasting improvement in your overall performance, training included.

Pricing lifestyle coaching



€ 75,00 incl. BTW. This includes a full movement screening, goal setting, lifestyle evaluation and body measurements.


Personal coaching at RTM

€ 65,00 per hour – RTM member rate
€ 75,00 per hour – non-RTM member rate


Remote coaching

€ 20,00 per week – RTM member rate
€ 25,00 per week – non-RTM member rate


Nutrition/accountability coaching

Nutrition coaching 30 minutes – € 30,00
Nutrition and macro recommendation – € 100,00 for the program plus € 30,00 per coaching session

PT sessions will be planned during regular opening hours at RTM plus the lunch hours (when the gym is officially closed).

    Olympic Weightlifting

    How to get started

    The process is as follows:

    1. Fill in the intake form here.
    2. To add nutrition to your PT coaching, fill in this form.
    3. After we received your input we will plan a meeting to go over your intentions and goals and will go through the intake form.
    4. Now we’re ready to take off and can start planning your sessions!

    Want to try RTM Lifestyle Gym? Request a free trial lesson now!