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A healthy and fit lifestyle is about more than just training and maintaining your physical body. Your mental, emotional, and energetic state of being, are just as important. In addition to all the active movements, there is also room for rest and recovery, or yin and yang. We regularly host masterclasses, trainings and workshops that pay attention to all holistic levels.

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Yin Yoga is a calm, slow and meditative way of yoga. On the one hand you dive completely into relaxation and on the other hand you work on your mobility and maintenance of your muscles and joints. Because you stay in the same pose for longer periods (3-5 minutes) you get to your connective tissues. Stretching at this level eventually creates stronger and more flexible muscles again. This can sometimes be accompanied by some discomfort, which is why during Yin Yoga you learn to focus well on your breathing. The result is that more space starts to emerge, on multiple levels.

The yoga classes take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, click here schedule.

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A healthy and fit lifestyle is largely determined by your nutrition. With our Nutrition Program we help you set the right goals in the field of nutrition and training and together we make a nutrition plan, tailored to how often you train. During the program there are several check-in moments and before and after the program we weigh you and take pictures.

For more information, please contact us.

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We regularly organize masterclasses that focus on a specific movement or barbell technique (squat, deadlift, strong men, Burgener Strength) or skill (jump rope, gymnastics, rowing, etc.). The masterclasses consist of a part of theory but of course we will also work with this directly.

For masterclasses organized in cooperation with an external partner a participation fee may be charged.

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We believe that a healthy, fit lifestyle requires more than just training the physical body: it is a combination of both working on physical and mental well-being. In the WOD’s, Sweat Classes, etc. we already train the physical body, however, the mind needs a different kind of training. Meditation is one way to achieve this, which is why we organize Meditation Nights.

Whether you have never meditated before or have been doing it for some time, anyone can join. Meditating in a group can be magical and have more impact than doing it alone. It also offers you many benefits, such as coping better with stress, helping you communicate better, and it can expand your consciousness.

Meditation Nights take place one per month and are held in Dutch. Click here for the schedule.

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Breath work sessions

Over the years, you may have begun to breathe less well, breathe too fast, not exhale fully, or have developed a fear of holding your breath. This in turn affects your normal life and can lead to asthma, stress, injuries, bowel problems, etc. During the breathing sessions, in which we do connected breathing, you restore your natural breathing. Because you go into a kind of trance, your body takes over from your head. You process old pain, tension, and stress, reducing and/or dissolving the ballast you carry with you. This literally and figuratively gives you more air!

The breathing sessions take place every other week on Wednesday evening and cost € 15,00.
Click here for theschedule.

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Breath workshop with ice bath

he Breath Workshop goes a step further than the breathing sessions. Among other things, you will also learn how to use your breathing consciously and effectively during exercise. The workshop consists of three parts. During the first part, you will learn how to consciously manage your breathing during workouts and stressful situations and gain insight into how to recover faster. Followed by doing several Wim Hof breathing cycles, guided by Ruben Oude Rikmanspoel of the Air Academy.

Last but not least we will go into the ice bath.

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