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The biggest CrossFit gym in Rotterdam.

We help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We do this from a broader perspective, with a holistic approach. Besides challenging workouts to work on your physical body, nutrition, and recovery support, we also help you stay mentally and emotionally fit through mindfulness, breathing sessions and yoga amongst others.

Want to know what we can do for you? Contact us for a tour or book a free trial class below.

4. What we offer

What we offer

Of het nou gaat om het verbeteren van je barbell techniek, het werken aan je mobiliteit of gymnastic skills, het vergroten van je uithoudingsvermogen; bij ons vind je alles om te werken aan je algehele fitheid, zowel in groepsverband als individueel. We gaan verder dan alleen het fysieke lichaam, want je mentale, emotionele en energetische staat zijn net zo belangrijk. Daarom bieden we onder andere ook yoga lessen, ademsessies en mindfulness aan.

4. What we offer

Get fit

Have you never done CrossFit before or want to get to know our gym better first? Then book a free trial class on a day that suits you best.

Ready to get started? Go check out our memberships. All new members are introduced to our onboarding process, consisting of a screening to properly assess your experience level with sports and to correctly match any support you may need.

Blije community

RTM Community

Besides offering a lot of ways to become and stay fit on all levels, it is equally important to us that you feel comfortable and at home with us. We pay a lot of attention to the individual but also to the community as a whole by regularly organizing events and activities. Welcome to the family!

Let’s get started!

Want to experience training with us yourself? Book your free trail class below. See you soon!

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