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Being fit is something we do together


In the Netherlands we move or exercise too little. 52,8% of the Dutch people do not meet the exercise guidelines. Which are 2,5 hours of moderately intensive exercise per week and doing muscle and bone strengthening activities twice a week.

Not meeting these guidelines is directly associated with lower workplace productivity and increased absenteeism. Did you know that 79% of Dutch people are more productive by exercising and moving regularly? So fit, healthy employees are the foundation of a healthy company, your greatest asset.


Time to exercise more.
Being fit is something we do together.

WOD 26-02-12
WOD 26-02-12

Being a good employer is about encouraging good healthy choices

Sufficient exercise reduces negative health effects and increases vitality in the workplace. But what if the driver to start exercising is not there yet? Then give it a push in the right direction. Organize a business trial workout at RTM.

Working out with discount

RTM Lifestyle Gym is affiliated with Bedrijfsfitness Nederland which means that you can enjoy very attractive discounts. Discount on a membership starts as low as 37% and can go high up!

Download the pitch deck here and click below for more information or to request a business trial workout.


We are RTM Lifestyle Gym

Physical exercise, health, recovery, and mental fitness: all under one roof. We help you create and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Working on your lifestyle should be fun and result oriented. In a gym where you feel comfortable. Where you look forward to going there again. And that is what we work hard for. We combine humor, challenge, and expertise. We convey our knowledge in a playful way and are serious about progression and results.


Professional programming

No hassle with boring routines: we put together a full workout program every class to train your entire body. We help you progress both in strength, endurance, and mobility. We make you stronger, faster, and fitter.

WOD 26-02-12
WOD 26-02-12

Personal attention

Professional coaches who think with you and guide you. Everyone deserves the same attention, regardless of their fitness level. No idea yet how to do burpees, squats or stepping lunges? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. That’s why every membership starts with a workshop.


A healthy lifestyle is more than just sports. We work with various outside partners for all facets of health. These include yoga, nutrition, breathing sessions, mindfulness, and meditation. For more information, check out our Lifestyle page.


If you don’t like doing something, how long will you endure? We create the perfect balance between fun and performance. The step to a healthy lifestyle has never been so fun and easy.



You do the workout by yourself, but with the support of the other athletes. At RTM you are never alone. We value our community and regularly organize events, activities, and competitions.

WOD 26-02-12



WOD 26-02-12

Fit and healthy with RTM ACT-ive

Being healthy goes beyond physical fitness. We offer a special 6-month program for people struggling with burnout, stress-related complaints or who want to work preventively on their mental health: RTM ACT-ive.



RTM ACT-ive is a program where we combine exercise with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). In other words, we combine CrossFit with effective coaching sessions. Over 6 months, participants work toward strengthening physical and mental resilience.

The program

RTM ACT-ive consists of two parts: sports and coaching sessions. The sports program is based on the basic principles of CrossFit and takes place under supervision and in groups, 2x per week. In addition to the physical workouts, we plan 8 coaching sessions in which we work together using the ACT model to increase psychological flexibility.



ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. This is a model that helps people to deal in a flexible way with the obstacles they encounter (Acceptance), so that they can continue to invest in the things they find really important (Commitment). The coaching sessions focus on using various exercises to get out of your head, not letting unpleasant thoughts take over and increasing mind awareness through meditation. When you integrate the principles of ACT into your life and start applying them, your psychological flexibility and therefore your overall well-being will steadily increase.

Contact us for more information and to discuss the possibilities within your company.

WOD 26-02-12


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