Breath work sessions, why would you do that?

Mar 21, 2022

Everyone knows that oxygen is our most important basic need! But do you know, for example, that breathing less gives you more energy? Breathing correctly is at the foundation of a healthy, energetic and happy life. During a breath work session, you will learn to restore natural breathing as it once was when you were just born.

Over the years, you may have begun to breathe less well, breathe too fast, not exhale fully, or have developed a fear of holding your breath. This in turn affects your normal life and can lead to asthma, stress, injuries, intestinal problems, etc. Breathing affects all processes in the body.

From different traditions, they look at the body based on 4 different bodies. The phyiscal, mental, emotional and spiritual body. Breathing affects these different bodies.

Energy and oxygen have a lot of influence on each other. We need oxygen to have enough energy but CO2 is also an important gas to ensure that the oxygen actually gets into the cells. If you start breathing more it eventually causes less oxygen to enter the cells. And breathing less is trainable.

More breathing causes an increased heart rate and a constant state of stress. Once your body is in this state your brain works differently and your head will produce more fear thoughts.

Emotions may well be released during a breathing session. These are emotions that generally already live in your subconscious, for example, if someone died some time ago. With the process of mourning, letting go is also important, and the body has crying for that. Don’t have room for that at the time because you’re just in the middle of a busy house renovation, for example. Then this may come out later. And that, in turn, is very healthy.

With the church becoming less popular in the Netherlands, much of the spirituality also disappeared from the Netherlands. And spirituality is a part of every person, we need it to feel connection. Not everything in the world is explainable. Breathing gets you out of your head, and when that happens, spiritual experiences can occur. You can see colors, faces or enter some kind of dream world. If that happens, just experience it. You can do all kinds of things with it but you don’t have to.

Processing trauma
Every person goes through traumatic things in life. That can be a really traumatic event like a car accident or physical assault, but you also have the process traumas in which it used to be hammered over and over again that you couldn’t do something etc. These traumas shape you and the behaviors you developed as a result help you survive. But at some point that behavior can start to work against you and you start to notice this in physical, emotional, mental or spiritual problems. That’s a great time to start working on those traumas so you can continue to evolve into the person who is right for the next stage of life.

Breathing is the perfect way to bridge the gap between body and mind.

Different breathing techniques
Various breathing techniques have emerged in recent decades, almost all of which have their basis in yoga or Eastern mysticism. Wim Hof, for example, drew inspiration from Tummo Buddhism. A technique that can turn on your “Innerfire. The Wim Hof Method goes as follows:

1. Inhale powerfully 30x through your nose. You may do the exhalation with a short punch through your mouth. Establish a rhythm that is faster than your normal breathing.
2. After the 30 breaths, exhale 80% and take no more breaths. So now you have empty lungs. Hold this as long as it feels comfortable (do not breathe). You wait for a clear breath stimulus.
3. When the breath stimulus comes take a deep breath and hold it for 15 seconds. So now you have full lungs. Count in your mind 15 seconds.
Wil je meer weten over de Wim Hof Methode, ga dan naar . Here you will also find scientific studies on the method.

Connected breathing is a more spiritual breathing and you notice that during a session. You soon go into a kind of trance where the body takes over the breathing instead of your head. By “connected” breathing, you restore your natural breathing. You learn to breathe again, so to speak, with optimal use of your whole body. You process old pain, tension, and stress, reducing and/or dissolving the ballast you carry with you. This literally and figuratively gives you more air!

The benefits
– More energy because more oxygen can get into your cell.
– Better disposal of waste products, you stimulate the lymphatic system
– Your body relaxes
– It reduces your anxiety and negative thoughts
– You are becoming more senstive

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