Life is about balance

May 15, 2023


Happy crew, good for you!


Sounds a bit familiar? Just like “happy wife, happy life”, this version is so very true when it comes to your crew. Your employees work for you and we have no doubt that you take all the measurements that you have in your capabilities to do the best you can.

You are a great employer and you take care of your employees with your best intentions.

In the process of figuring out your next company strategy, have you thought of offering your employees access to a fit and healthy lifestyle? Have you already considered to include sports as part of your terms of employment? Are you aware on how staying fit and healthy can benefit them as employees, you as an employer and your business in growth?

Of course, we are here to inform you that working out is good for you. I mean, look at us! We enjoy sports in general, and CrossFit in particular. And over time, we came to the realization that sport impact your life on many different levels. Since we have one life and try to balance all responsibilities, interest, and fun, we learned that it is way easier to combine those things when you experience an overall feeling of fitness and wellbeing. And you as an employer can help your employees with that.

There is a significant relation between the satisfaction of your employees and the vital and mental state of mind. No, this does not mean that you are responsible on how they live their life. Plenty of people already take very good care of their health. And there is also a many people that don’t. As an employer, you can provide your employees a place to work on personal growth and development (together), which includes lifestyle and fitness. How you design that for your company, well, there are many options and possibilities to do that. But before we dive into that, let’s sum up some of the benefits.

How can providing access to sports benefit your employees (on a personal level)?
– It improves health and overall wellbeing.
– Exercising lowers stress levels.
– It boosts productivity and is energizing.

And what’s in it for the company?
– Great way of teambuilding.
– It improves your work culture.
– Growing level of commitment, involvement and motivation.

Win-win! Whether you provide your employees (partially) with a budget to perform sports by themselves, or if you decide to join a lesson all together and work on that teambuilding on a regular basis, it’s all up to you.

Don’t you have any idea how or where to start? How about a phone call to explore possibilities! Or drop by at our amazing location in Nieuw Kralingen.

We are happy to help answer your questions and share some ideas with you.

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