Life is a sport. Get fit.

Wij zijn de grootste CrossFit georiënteerde sportschool in Rotterdam. Naast CrossFit, bieden we ook conditietraining, olympisch gewichtheffen, yoga en mindset seminars aan. Je vindt bij ons alles wat je nodig hebt voor een fit lichaam en de juiste mindset.

Wat het leven je ook voor de voeten gooit

Wij zorgen dat je er klaar voor bent

Every lesson we give is under the guidance of a professional trainer. Do you want to be able to pull yourself up, learn to climb a rope, lift your own body weight above your head or work on your squat position. Our coaches are ready for you!

Je motivatie naar het volgende niveau brengen

We’ll be watching you 😉

Have you just started, do you want to be challenged or do you suffer from an injury? We are aware of it. In a system we keep track of whether there are specifics and your training courses are adjusted accordingly.


The dynamics of a group

Nobody at RTM trains without the guidance of a professional trainer. The group training courses keep you motivated and involved.


Working on a healthier body and a better mindset

You don’t only get strength and energy from a strong body. To get fit and stay fit, you also need the right mindset. Therefore follow one of our yoga classes or register for a seminar on mindset, career or talent development.

Dé lifestyle gym van Rotterdam

Een goede lifestyle is meer dan een workout alleen

We have everything to take you into a healthy and fit lifestyle. From CrossFit lessons to nutritional guidance and mindfulness seminars. Will we see you soon in the gym?

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