RTM Lifetime Membership

apr 2, 2023

Owner and coach Boyan surprised all members (and colleagues) with the new RTM Lifetime Membership. Let’s hear him out about the vision behind it.

RTM Lifestyle gym is not your average gym
‘Fitness and health are not something you take care of “on the side”. We believe it is a holistic approach that deserves constant attention and dedication. Whether it’s about the choice to train or to actively rest. Your choices in nutrition and let’s not forget about your mental health.

Over the past 9 years, RTM Lifestyle Gym grew in both size and its happy members. But we’ve also transformed into a place where you can work on your overall health and wellbeing. Having said that, we see this great community that we care for. They feel like our family, we see them as our family. With all changes happening in the world, life is getting more expensive. But it is not okay to lose family over financial reasons. Health is not a privilege, but a necessity of life. Hence the reason we came up with this idea to not burden our current members ever again with a price increase.’

Our community is like family. And family means no one is left behind or forgotten.

“Bold move!”
‘Yes, it is a bold move, and we have no idea what the future may bring. The most important thing we do know, is who we are and what we stand for. We see the added value of our capabilities and improvement for the future. Being authentic, being different and being the pioneer in our field. We believe that we make a difference in the life of our members.’

So, what does this mean, a Lifetime membership?
‘As mentioned before, every active member on the date of April 15th, 2023, will automatically hold a Lifetime membership. The prices for this membership are set for life and will not change. To facilitate our members to their needs, we will make it a lot easier to up- and downgrade memberships or to put a membership on hold. For those moments in life where you are travelling, experience periods of life events such as long-term sickness, a newborn or moving places.

With a 2-week notice period, members can inform us to put their membership on hold, preferably with an end-date. The membership terms will remain the same. In exchange to that, we only charge 20 euros per month. Just to put that into perspective, the same price that is paid for a cheap ass membership at Fit-4-Free, where a lot of people just forget to go to when their priorities are somewhere else. And thus, instead of sponsoring them, keep the benefits and your family close. Doors will be always open, and we will celebrate the return once members are ready to come back.

In those 9 years, we’ve learned many lessons. One is that fitness is not a sprint, but merely a marathon which requires a lot of different attention.’

What is RTM’s long-term vision?
‘Over the past years, we’ve changed from a ‘regular’ (CrossFit) gym towards a one-stop-lifestyle-shop where you find the specialties and knowledge you need for a healthy life. We see many members and people in general, focusing on awareness more and more. Apart from training, we are talking about rest, psychological and emotional development. Our inhouse specialists and our coaches exchange knowledge and thus inform you better on your next move. What can you do to improve your snatch? First thought could be a weightlifting class to focus on your technique. But as soon as your coach sees that your mobility could use some focus, you will be advised to join a yoga class on a regular basis.’

I’ve made it my life purpose to share knowledge and help people to get the best out of themselves.

Where can I find more info about the Lifetime membership? 
Just click here.

How do I become a member?
Send an e-mail to info@rtmlifestylegym.nl or call the front desk on +31 (0)6 31979750.

I am a former member of the family and I’m thinking about making my return.
Great! Don’t hesitate. As mentioned, our doors are always open. If you come back now and sign up before April 15th, you will hold an RTM Lifetime membership as well. Not only will you see your family back again, but you will also get a punch card for 5 extra lessons and a free Lifestyle coaching intake with coach Juan as a welcome-back gift and have the benefits of our never-seen-before membership.

I have a friend that should definitely join RTM’s community. Can I bring my friend?
No question about it. Please do bring your friend(s) and let’s share the love. You will get a 50% discount on your membership fee for the next month as a gratitude from us.

CrossFit is only for extremely fit and strong people. I’m not like that, how can I join?
We know that’s the image of the sport. CrossFit is for everybody. Our members vary in range of age between 4 and 68! So, let’s ditch that image and focus on your goals. How can we help you?


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