Your gym

Do you want to increase your level of fitness and are open to learning in a group setting? Looking for like minded people to workout with that all left their ego at the door to get the best results? Welcome, we are the gym you are looking for.

The biggest CrossFit oriented gym of Rotterdam

With CrossFit as our core product, we offer 750 square meter of training space. In our 5 different training areas we offer a broad variety of classes so you don’t have to worry about getting bored. The spacious modern showers and our lounge area will make our gym feel like your second home.

The main training area

In our main training area you will find most of our CrossFit classes but also competitions, events and workshops are given here. In this spacious area you will have the equipment you need to workout with a motivated group of people that are looking for the best hour of their day.

The lounge

This is the place to kick back and relax, members group up here to chat about the workout and grab a drink or snack. We also offer free WIFI and flex working spaces, so that you can finish some work just before you join one of our workouts of got an hour of spare time in between. You can grab a book and relax here, make yourself at home.

Open Gym areas

In our open gym areas you are free to follow your own training schedule or work on the exercises that our fysio gave you. Working on a specific strength goal or do some accessory work, this is the place to be. But the real value can be found in our group classes under the supervision of a coach.

Olympic weightlifting area

Here you can work on your Olympic lifts without getting disturbed. This area has got all the equipment a weightlifter needs. Join our barbell workouts and learn from a specialized weightlifting coach.

Showers and changing rooms

Do you want to take a warm shower after a training and start your day fresh? The spacious and modern showers and dressing rooms offer you all the comforts you need.