CrossFit is only for people that are already fit and strong right? We get this question a lot and are happy to explain why this is not the case. CrossFit is for everyone, it is a great way to start your fitness journey safely with proper guidance due to the professional coaching, but the same coaches will challenge the more experienced athletes at the same time.


You will need strength,mobility and technique for Olympic weightlifting. It might look easy for experienced lifters, but without the correct basic knowledge of weightlifting, it is easy to make mistakes that can result in injuries.


Some gyms call it "CrossFit light", but we call these classes "sweat classes".


Chippers lessons

Have you been doing CrossFit for a while now and are you looking for a tougher workout that the regular WOD’s?

Personal development seminars

‘’Train your body and the mind will follow’’ We don’t think it works that way.


Nothing is more demotivating than to get an injury when you are in a positive sport-flow, or you are just about to start a new sport.


Cryotherapy is a way to help your body’s own recovery process.

Personal Training

Do you want to improve your squat position, work on your pull-ups or want to learn how to do a handstand walk? Personal one on one attention can get you where you want to go.

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