Mindfulness: a way of life

MindfulnessAre you from Rotterdam and surrounding areas? and are you curious about what mindfulness can do for you? Then request a free trial lesson. Thanks to our lifestyle sessions you will learn to take better care of your body and mind.

Mindfulness sessions in Rotterdam

Mindfulness helps you further and, together with nutrition, is the perfect tool to make your life and body work in harmony. Mindfulness can help you see things in a better perspective and find peace in the unknown. In addition, it ensures that your body can relax properly.

Curious about how mindfulness can help you? Or would you like to join a Meditation night to see if it is something for you? Please contact us now via the button below and we will see you soon!

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Meditation nights

Every 2 weeks on Tuesday it is Meditation night at RTM Lifestyle in Rotterdam. During this meditation session we meditate as a group and work on our consciousness. This helps your mind, but also your body, to relax.



Meditating in a group gives a nice and soothing feeling and often has more impact than when you do it alone. By meditating you learn to deal better with stress, for example, and it helps broaden your consciousness.


Mental well-being

During the countless sports sessions in our gym you will of course learn to work on your body. That’s why it’s important not to forget your mind either. Meditating helps you relax and sharpen your vision.

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