Rocktape by Coach Pam


Ever watch the Crossfit Games and wonder what all the colourful tape is? Chances are you have seen people at sporting events with strips of it all over their bodies. So why would some of the top athletes in the world be covered in the stuff? To better understand, you first have to know what it is.

What is Kinesiology Tape?

Kinesio tape is an elastic, stretchy, hypoallergenic tape designed to move with your body to provide support and stability to muscles and joints while allowing full range of motion.

How does it work though?

When applied correctly, it lifts the skin from the tissue below it. This is called ‘decompression’. We have lots of nerve receptors in the skin so whether we use it for compression or decompression, by providing sensory input of an area, it alters the pain signals to the brain as well as stimulating blood flow for recovery.

Let me give you an example- someone who just had surgery for an ACL repair will most likely have weakness in their quads, taping with max tension can bring those muscle fibers together essentially causing a contraction to help strengthen the muscles.

Alternatively someone with plantar fasciitis who experiences a lot of pain and tightness in the calves can try taping with almost no tension essentially turning ‘off’ the muscles so the person receives less pain signals.

What could it do for me?

The cool thing about it is that it can also be used for performance. There are so many different taping techniques to help with this. We can tape for faster recovery from lactic acid build up, we can increase tension on the tape to ‘excite muscles’ for enhancing performance. It’s not just about recovering from pain. We also can use it as a preventative against pain.

Why Rocktape?

Rocktape is the world’s leading Kinesio tape. It has the tightest weave, greatest elasticity and strongest adhesive compared to other leading brands of kinesio tape which is why it is the favourite amongst athletes and fitness enthusiasts all over the world.

My (Pam’s) go to taping technique?

Taping for lower back discomfort is my absolute favourite, that and the posture tape which stimulates your muscles for better positioning, making your body work itself to hold you in a better posture. It’s pretty great!

Anyone who would like to try this awesome tape and see what it could do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact Pam!


In no way do we use the tape as an alternative to rehabilitation procedures but it can aid the recovery process and can be a big benefit for people while working on stabilizing/ strengthening/ mobilizing an area.