RTM Chipper WOD’s / Advanced WOD’s

Ever questioned what a chipper is? And why do we program only 2 dedicated hours a week for a chipper in our RTM schedule? Well, let me (Boyan – owner of RTM) answer that question for you. 

CrossFit is a combination of conditioning/weightlifting and gymnastics, and we combine these movements in different kind of workouts. 

AMRAP’s – As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible 

For Time 

For Quality 

EMOM’s – Every Min On the Min 


Now in this short blog, we want to highlight the chipper style workout and why/how they are programmed at RTM. 


Normal WOD vs. Chipper

First things first, during regular WOD’s, we make sure that the working time is less than 20 min for most of our workouts, this results in higher intensity, better movement and less chance of getting injured due to fatigue. The other part of the hour is mainly to increase strength or skill with lower intensity.
This way, your body is more likely to have a positive training stimulus without getting to fatigued and you will be able to do multiple WOD’s a week. 

When we program a chipper, there is no skill or strength part during that hour, the average working time is between 30-45 min of continues heavy and high skill work. 

We mix high rep ranges and all modalities of movement (gymnastics/weightlifting and conditioning) into 1 chipper. 

Due to the length and skill level of these workouts, the chance of losing form at the end of a workout is a lot higher and we recommend the chippers only to experienced CrossFitters that know all the movements and do not have to scale down multiple movements in the chipper. 

Movements you should be able to do, before joining a chipper would be 


HSPU / Snatch / Strict + Kipping Pull-ups / Squat Cleans / Jerks 


If the above terms don’t sound familiar to you, chances are the chipper is not the right choice right now and you should stick to the WOD’s/Sweat classes and barbell classes to increase your skill level 


Alternative to the Chipper

A good alternative to the chipper is joining a sweat class, the training intensity is the same, but the heavy load and high skill movements are removed from this class and makes it more suitable if you do not have the skill level yet to join the chipper. 

The coaches know what the best class is for you, so please listen to their advice. 

In the near future, we will offer sweat classes in area B simultaneous to the chippers, so that you can always pick the correct workout that day, to get the best results!