CrossFit is only for people that are already fit and strong right? We get this question a lot and are happy to explain why this is not the case. CrossFit is for everyone, it is a great way to start your fitness journey safely with proper guidance due to the professional coaching, but the same coaches will challenge the more experienced athletes at the same time.

The CrossFit classes are varied and consist of conditioning, Olympic weightlifting and gymnastic movements. We mix up these modalities to challenge you and increase strength stamina and mobility. A pleasant side effect is that training never get repetitive and you will increase your energy level in a fun and safe way!


Do you have an injury and feel like you can’t train? Don’t worry, our trainers will help you to change the movement or replace it with a different exercise. This way you can keep training and you won’t end up on the couch, not knowing what to do.

Will I be able to keep up? Sure you will! CrossFit under the correct supervision is ‘’scalable’’ this means that we can adjust the movements, intensity or volume of the workout. This way you will always get the correct training stimulus. We offer multiple classes each day and through our app, you can choose when you want to join one of the classes.

You will train in a group with different levels of athletes, this way you will get motivated by the group vibe and dynamics. Every training takes 1 hour and there is always a coach that will either push you harder if you can or help you pick the correct weights or movements to keep you safe so you can progress without getting injured

Do you already have CrossFit experience? Show us what you got by booking a movement screening with one of our coaches, in 30 minutes we will go through the basics and see if you can directly join our gym


No fitness or CrossFit experience yet? Don’t worry, we got you covered with our RTM workshop, during this workshop you will learn all the CrossFit basics in a fun and safe way so that you can join our classes with confidence.